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Is it fair that companies are granted permission to use the "By appointment" royal warrant for Chinese goods.

The "By appointment" warrant is granted to firms who supply the Royal Family with products & they are allowed to display the relevant Coat of Arms to advertise & promote their products.These companies include Hardy/Greys suppliers of premium priced fishing tackle,Roberts Radio manufacturers or traditional style radios,Burberrys famous for its rainwear and tartan,Wolsey manufacturer of clothing who all display the Royal Warrants to endorse their products by the Royal Family..
Royal Warrants are not the only thing they have in common, all have moved production to China, an industrial competitor of the UK.
We have a situation where our Royal Familys endorsement is being used to disadvantage authentic British manufacturers who legitimately & proudly display their warrants supporting British industry.In fairness by favouring Chinese industry then surely the warrants should be forfeit?

Yes I agree. Royals have the money to pay for UK workers and UK quality. The warrant implies quality combined with British Heritage. I mean why have the warrant if it does not imply some status related to the UK? Its one thing if the company started overseas like in the US or Canada, but totally another if it has moved production there at the cost of UK jobs.

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