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Need help with Pokemon Emerald?

Okay so I need to get passed Mossdeep City Pokemon Gym in Emerald, and my pokemon are:
Blaziken - Lvl 47, moves: Slash, peck, double kick, ember
Vulpix - Lvl 23, moves: will-o-wisp, confuse ray, overheat, flamethrower
Dodrio - Lvl 32, moves: pursuit, fly, tri attack, rage
Azumarill - Lvl 34, moves: surf, rock smash, rollout, double-edge
Girafarig - Lvl 29, moves: strength, confusion, stomp, thunderbolt
Wailmer - Lvl 35, moves: whirlpool, astonish, water pulse, blizzard

I always have trouble against this gym so i need any pointers like leveling up or catching another pokemon that would work better. THANKS!!

Try getting an Absol from Route 120. Its a dark type and dark is good against psychic. Absol is arguably the best Dark pokemon in Hoenn Region. Also, Absols in that area are around level 28 so leveling up/grinding should not take that long since it is already pretty high level. Hopefully it will already know Pursuit and at level 29 it will learn bite. Those are both pretty good Dark type moves.Anyways, good luck!

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