Pursuit Rod

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HELP!!!!!!!! Newbie to surf casting?

Need some gear.I'm currently in NY but looking to buy in AC/NJ,i have one house in Egg Harbor NJ but i rent that one.I want a small house on the water, real close anyway.What,where do i begin? I need to know rods,reels,weights and i'm sure there's a multitude of things i left out.I wanted to go surf casting all my life,now i'm almost 1/2 way to 80.So if you would please really go into detail on all the better my questions would be answered and more appreciated.Websites,specific rods/reals and so on.Thank you.

You'll want to start off with a 9 or 10 foot rod,and a spinning reel that will hold 250 yards of 20 lb. test minimum,higher quantity and test is better,but to start that will be enough to get you going.I use Penn for my surf set,and has been great.My reel is a 704z spinfisher,and the rod is a slammer.I also have a pursuit rod and spinfisher 550ssg reel with that one that one is 12 feet long btw,I use penn line on it too.Most of the surf fishing you will find will be springtime striped bass,flounder and tautog fishing,then as the season goes on blues and albies and mackerel and other fish that come in with the gulf stream north.Best bet is to find a fishing club,and join up,then get active on the scene at the baitshop.get friendly with some other surfcasters and learn from them.

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