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Pump, Co2, or Electric Gun?

Which type would you recommend?
Pellet or BB?


Which of these has a stronger shot and is more durable

First off, Nigel, you don't have to be a dick. You don't know how old he actually is and even if he's underage, its never too early to learn. Mr. 357, you're pretty fucking creative copying Nigel's comment and you both don't amount to shit.

All airsoft guns shoot 6mm BBs, unless you're a collector and you're into classic airsoft. But by what you're asking, I'm guessing you're just starting off. For an airsoft gun, start off with an AEG (Automatic Electric Gun). Don't get a "sniper"/spring rifle since those are what most new players like to get since they think being a sniper makes them l33t and allows them to hop around like a ninja. Beginner AEGs are generally around the same price range and have the same range and accuracy, but of course, AEGs can shoot more rounds down range in a shorter amount of time. Most players who start off with "sniper" weapons generally don't play very long. I can give you literally hundreds of reasons why you shouldn't get a "sniper" as a first gun but long story short, get an AEG.

For a good beginner gun, get something from JG/Echo 1. Most of their models are between $100-150, considering you're buying from the states. They will come with everything necessary to begin playing right out the box, such as battery, charger, hi-capacity magazine, unjamming rod, sample pack of BBs (not recommended for use), and sometimes, even safety glasses. These will all be full metal (where it should be on the real steel version), and have metal gearboxes that will last a very long time. Some even have trademarks. JG/Echo 1 makes just about every common rifle out there, such as M4s, MP5s, AKs, SCARs, etc.

Don't worry about whether or not your gun is stronger than others. Accuracy and shot consistency is far more important in airsoft since these aren't meant to inflict life-threatening damages to others unless shot in the eyes. However, remember to play safe, wear the proper protection, and never play or brandish an airsoft gun in public. Hope that helped

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