Daiwa Td

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Can anyone recommend me a good light action reel from the website bass pro shop?

it can be from daiwa, shimano, quantum, and any other reels that are under $80.
by the way i wanted a spinning one

Daiwa Megaforce


Quantum® Kevin VanDam Signature Series


Pflueger Cetina


Pflueger Echelon


Some of those are not within your price range but those are the only ones close that I think would be worth spending the money on.
Now if you where willing to spend a little more.

Pflueger President


A great reel for the price and will last you a life time if taken care of.


OK lets try this again only this time I will give you spinning reels and not bait casters.

Bass Pro Shops Johnny Morris


Team Daiwa TD-Pro


Abu Garcia Cardinal 500ALBi


Pflueger President XT


Again would recommend the Pflueger, wife has a couple that are over 5 yrs old and still going strong.

Shimano Sedona FD


Another great reel that has a fantastic drag system for the price of this reel. This is the reel I have on my Float 'N Fly out fits.

Shimano Symetre Front Drag


A little more than you wanted to spend but a VERY good reel, for the price.

Good Luck

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