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Manhwa Recommendation?

I just finished reading "Angel Diary" (still waiting for it to update), and I was wondering if you can recommend another manhwa series similar to Angel Diary? Or just anything interesting with good art? I checked out Demon Diary (also by the same author/artist) but it didn't really appeal to me as much, though. I just started getting into manhwa recently, so I was also wondering if you know a good site to read manhwa? I tried looking for one, but all I found were manga. Please and thank you! :)

They have some here at

check some of them out

I personally liked :

Id -it's fantasy and adventure (don't know if u r into that kinda stuff)

Red Lion - it's got action and romance

Veritas - Action, adventure, fantasy...

i haven't really read that many manhwa, so i don't know if u'll find the ones i've read interesting, but if u'd like, they are worth a try...

good luck

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