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Would a full synthetic oil with an api rating of sl/cf be ok in a 2006 150 hp yamaha 4-stroke motor?

I can't find "marine oil" for my yamaha 4-stroke. It's a 2006 model and I need to change the oil. I have purchased a full synthetic oil with an api rating of sl/cf. The ambient temp is around 90 in the summer and 50 in the winter and I run the boat quite often averaging around 100 miles twice weekly. Will this oil be ok for my engine?

As far as API rating is concerned, yes it should be fine. Yamaha 4-Stroke Marine Engines usually call for either a 10W-30 or 10W-40 viscosity.

You may be interested to know that AMSOIL produces a 4-Stroke Marine Synthetic Oil formulated specifically for your watercraft. AMSOIL Formula 4-Stroke Marine Synthetic Motor Oil is a premium quality synthetic formulation engineered for the harsh operating conditions of marine environments. It withstands the intense mechanical action of continuous, high RPM operation to deliver superior viscosity protection, and is specially fortified with a heavy treatment of advanced additives that protect motors against wear, rust and deposits. It excels in both high horsepower applications and all-day trolling conditions.

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